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Deep South Outdoors UTV Accessories - Rugged, Aluminum, Built To Last!

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At Deep South Outdoors we offer a wide selection of aluminum one piece roofs plus many more High Quality, American Made Accessories for the off road UTV market such as floorboards, windshields and rear windows. All of the products we make for the Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule, Yamaha Viking, Honda Pioneer and more are extremely rugged and quite simply, over engineered. We don't use plastic, it just doesn't hold up. We don't use steel as it's extremely heavy and will eventually rust. Aluminum is strong, light and the finish is both durable and lasting. It's the way Deep South Outdoors has been building accessories since 2003. Our roofs can be trailered at nearly any speed without any worries of them blowing off like so many others have done... and continue to do. Our floorboards mount simply, our windows, front or rear remove in seconds. And they are all far lighter than steel guaranteed to never rust.

yamaha viking vi 6 roof and accessoriesAt Deep South Outdoors, our ideas for building UTV accessories has remained un-changed. Over engineer the product making items simple to install and absolutely silent once they are installed. The Yamaha Viking VI-6 shown here is a great example of our method/s. Simple, strong, one piece and as tough as nails. It's the same for everything we build.

polaris ranger xp900 with mk5 roof, fold down front window and rear windowOur new MK Series of roofs are fully compatible with the Polaris Ranger line of accessories. The OEM tip out windows, doors etc. will have full clearance and the roll cage to roof area seals up tightly blocking out all air and water.
The Polaris Ranger XP900 shown here has the MK4 roof, fold down front window and our vinyl rear window installed. An optional plexiglass rear window is also available for the full size machines

polaris ranger roof, roof rack and halogen light set.If you just want something simple, light and strong we have you covered. Our UTV roofs are the strongest and lightest on the market. Add a roof rack to increase your storage area. Don't live on your UTV after dark? You may not need a full LED light bar. Try our 55 watt halogens. Two in the front and one to light up your cargo area. They're the same as you auto's low beam and really help out for the occasional night ride.

MK5 Polaris Ranger 900 Crew Roof w/Stereo and LED

polaris ranger crew stereo roof mk5 deep south sxs

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